IT Consultant, Drupal Developer, Entrepreneur, Open Source Advocate, ProjectPier Leader, Geek, Brother - Me.

About Ryan Cross

Geek, Nerd, Dreamer, Traveller, Engineer, Crazy...

In truth, I am primarily a web developer and entrepreneur.

As a web developer, I primarily focus on open source solutions specifically in Drupal, WordPress, and several other systems. I run a small team of developers who also focus in these areas and we built both small and large projects. You can see some examples in my portfolio

If you would like to engage me and my team to build a project for you, please use my contact form

I am the leader of the open source software project, ProjectPier. It is a web-based collaboration platform that you can use to share messages, files, milestones, and task lists. Written in php, it supports multiple language and many other features.

I also run a small startup called OpenOnDemand, which specializes in making open source software simple, safe, and convenient for small businesses. We currently offer a CRM system that can be setup in seconds and tailored to your needs all for a small flat fee each month.

You can read my various ramblings about tech, business, and anything else on my blog

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